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About me


Because every picture tells a story,,,

 Hi! I'm Robin.  I am a full time natural light photographer, artist and free spirit. Photography has always been one of my favorite hobbies, since I was a child. About eight years ago, I realized it was much more than just a hobby for me, it was my passion.  Always wanting to learn more and get better at what I do, I have taken many photo courses along the way.  Eventually, my journey led me to enrolling at New York Institute of Photography and earning a degree.  When I am not behind the lens helping you capture your memories, you can usually find me strolling through my favorite nature preserve or walking along the sandy shores of any beach on the east end of Long Island.

As a Hamptons Family Photographer and Brand Photographer, it gives me so much joy being able to photograph your special family moments or to bring your creative ideas to life.  With so many beautiful locations out here on the east end of Long Island, I look forward to working with you and finding the best location to capture all of these moments!



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